Dawn of Dispersion

“Dawn of dispersion” is a project influenced by the refraction of light and sound within the structure of a given space. It is an experiment we did together with the ambient drone musician and my old friend ate. Since our first collaboration called “Echo” we have enjoyed exploring the different meanings of the audiovisual synthesis.

We chose to create this audiovisual concert in the hall space of the Evangelical Congregational Church of Plovdiv, as we were inspired by the architecture and the look of this Gothic style temple. What I like in such places is that specific feeling you get when you observe them from the outside and as you step inside. So, we proposed our idea to the leadership of the church and they agreed to let us use their hall for a day.




This performance is about the perception of the vibrations of the Universe while we sensuously participate in the union between sound and light. First, I wasn’t very sure exactly what I wanted to do with the visuals. The word “dispersion” came to mind and I started to think about it like an image and starting point for inspiration. It’s a huge field for experimentation but the r’n’d time for this project was really short. I made a mix with some patches and textures related to the many forms of light which I could find from my past projects. But, mostly I left myself be inspired by the space itself once I got there and to work on this patch in situ.

The large vitrage windows, which act as a filter for the external light, are a very central architectural element in this church temple. Logically I decided to illuminate them with projection. The aim was to focus on minimalistic abstract geometry and to expose the environment very slowly – as the music loops gradually changed. We didn’t really have time for rehearsals once we were there and I did the patch in just a few hours as I came up with the final idea just before the performance. Sometimes it’s just better to push yourself in an unknown direction. The final result for me was rather surprising and intuitively achieved. Of course it’s possible to dig more and more in this concept and to optimize and extend some things. But, this is an everlasting process, so let’s see where things take us next time.




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