VJ xprmnts

A showcase of my experimental studies for live music visuals. Straight out of TouchDesigner.

Abstract objects

Back in the days I was looking at how to generate and deform 3D models. My old Dell laptop wasn’t able to handle a lot of polygons in SOPs so I needed a different kind of workflow. I created few primitive shapes in 3ds Max and used scripts to modify their geometry. Then I made rigs of the meshes and exported the final objects in FBX. The rest of the story is pretty straight forward – I imported them in TouchDesigner and moved their bones according to the sound analysis. Skeletons are fast in real-time!

Scanned objects

In my 3D visuals journey I also experimented with scanned objects. This is a ram skull with different UV texture coordinates and phong shader parameters, all sound reactive.

Spilled paintings

Pixel sorting is cool! I developed this glitch technique in TouchDesigner and used it on some landscape, impressionist and minimalist paintings. My workflow was to isolate the R, G and B channels and to transform them in X or Y coordinate using feedback.

Melformator glitch

Melformator is the name of our creative collective specializing in event management, interactive design and audiovisual performances. I combined the logo with some real-time generative glitch backgrounds and noise displacements. Eye-candy visuals for parties!


For one of our recent events I did a projection mapping in the interior of Club Void. I programmed some audio-reactive grids and geometry instancing and used three beamers in order to illuminate the entire space.


KodeLife + Rouge

In the early 2017 I played more with GPU shaders and developed a new workflow – I brought KodeLife into Rouge by Spout. It feels so generative to edit your texture in real-time!

Experiments to be continued…


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