Plovdiv Timeline: explore cultural heritage in a different way



Plovdiv Timeline was created for Municipal Enterprise Tourism Plovdiv and presented on International Tourist Fair “Holiday & SPA Expo” Sofia 2016. For the content of the project were used objects from Regional Archaeological Museum Plovdiv, Small Basilica Plovdiv, City Art Gallery Plovdiv and Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv.

It’s an interactive virtual museum which aims to present the cultural heritage of the city in a different and attractive way. The installation uses a Leap Motion sensor to navigate through six digital environments – each one representing the cultural past of Plodiv from pre-history till modern age. All of the exhibits inside are created using a technique called photogrammetry and are truthful three dimensional copies of the real thing. All the backgrounds were created using photos which were seamlessly stitched together. This museum of the future makes the visitors participants rather than observers.

And now Plovdiv Timeline is also available for VR!


This project was built in TouchDesigner.
Here’s a walkthrough the content in edit & perform mode:


… and here are images from Prehistory, Roman Age, Renaissance and Modern Age:



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