Dynamic Topography

“Dynamic Topography” is animated map of NIGHT/PLOVDIV – The Night of Museums and Galleries. It shows how the festival developed from 2005 till 2016 by revealing new locations for art activities in the city. “Dynamic Topography” was presented in Detmag Plovdiv during the exhibition “HERE EVERYWHERE – 10th anniversary of the Open Arts Foundation” curated by Vladiya Mihaylova.

Nowadays The Night is one of the most recognizable Plovdiv events attended by audiences across the country. The format is constantly looking for challenges and innovation by expanding its scope. In addition to the traditional participants it provides a platform for many young artists and collectives, thus becomes a platform for experiments and pilot ventures. In its effort to be culture at large, the event has managed to put on the map national, regional, commercial and non-profit structures which function vary differently.

In order to create the festival map, I used designs from each edition, images of cultural spaces and texts about The Night. All that 2d content was imported in TouchDesigner and animated by methods for 3d conversion. The processing involved parametrical tweaks on different geometry levels. The final sequence represents collage of maps and objects, constantly seeking for their shapes and flowing from one into another. That’s how I told the story of The Night – an event in which are enshrined innovative approaches and adaptability over the years.




(cover photo by Lina Krivoshieva)



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