Architecture of disappearance

This is a story about the segmentation of the form expressed by contemporary dance, interactive visuals and live music performance. It was created in Graffit Gallery Varna during 4 days residency program in the frame of the project Urban Stories. The presentation was part of Radar Festival 2017.

Our approach towards the gallery space was minimal. We used a corner of the “white cube” and focused on how the different elements in the piece could interact with each other. In order to lit our stage I placed two beamers on the floor. The performer cast shadows onto the walls due to the angle of the projection so that effect was the starting point of my visuals. I programmed software component which brought some feedback from the physical into the digital world. It transformed the performer’s movements into abstract shapes and extended her shadows in new directions.

This interactive system was based on a technique called blob tracking. It determines the foreground and background pixels in a video source from live camera and find the blobs using code from OpenCV. By having that motion data I built operators network to convert it into procedural generated geometry. And for another part of the performance which was rather more related to the audio than the moving body I imported some of my GLSL and ramp texture based VJ compositions. Finally I did UI to operate with all the sequences in real time. Thank you TouchDesigner!

In the creation of “Architecture of disappearance” I collaborated with Iskra Ivanova (dance performance), Victor Prodanov (sound) and Svetlozara Hristova (who helped us to bring it all together). It was so enjoyable time of artistic activity and here’s our video and photo archive:



(photos by Gergana Encheva)




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