Nissan LEAF Conquer the Future

In 2018 my studio Senselab was hired by Renault Bulgaria to create the interactive installation “Conquer the Future with Nissan LEAF”. It’s a futuristic game-like real-time experience in which the driver is using the car as a joystick. He can speed up and rotate the wheel to go through 3 different levels in the cosmos environment. Each one of them demonstrates the smart features of the new LEAF model. In order to make the control functionality we hacked the car’s on-board computer and used Xbee Arduino to pass data values wirelessly to TouchDesigner. The 3D content of installation was live generated by using custom GLSL shaders, instancing rendering and particle systems. “Conquer the Future” was exposed in Sofia Ring Mall for a week.


research and development

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real-time render




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